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"Until everything changed

ParadiseGradio started in 2015, with a dynamic character in the webradios web site, in order to change the page in music. It was awarded in 2015 as the 2nd best European station in Europe, but also as a quick page. Our streaming technology is great as our broadcasts are made, reliable and fast all over the world without delay. The director of the radio station is Dimitris Konstantinidis, but he is also in the technical part of the station. We hear everywhere in many online media, but even in Live24 with 24/7 music. This is the world of music, listen and dream in your own musical paradise.

Manos is the winner of the contest of the first artist in Greece by
ParadiseGstars 2018

"When the dream becomes true

Manos Ree is from Kavala where he was born in Kavala, from a very young age he liked music and wanted to learn it both from good and from the opposite. She began to learn musical instruments at the age of 5. As long as they did, the love for music and its production grew. So he made a home studio for recording, producing his own music and his own sound. Now is a Winner in Music and our station, and we are sure you expect a lot from him.


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